Here is a list of some of the features of Candlelight Favorites Inspector

Basic Management
  • Add new Favorite or folder
  • Delete Favorite or folder
  • Rename Favorite or folder
  • Delete Favorite or folder
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Favorite or folder
  • Favorites can be launched via Internet Explorer
Configurable Management
  • Favorites Inspector can automatically change the name of your Favorite to match the name given on the hosting web site (globally or per Favorite)
  • Redirected Favorites can be automatically updated (globally or per Favorite)
  • Can be integrated into Internet Explorer's tool bar and Tools menu!
  • Preserve Favorites option will keep icons in your Favorites list, even after you delete your temporary Internet files!
  • Can check individual Favorites
  • Can check all Favorites
  • Can check all Favorites in a single directory
  • Visible scanning result indicators
  • Scans can be scheduled to run automatically without user intervention
  • Scanning can be stopped
  • Scanning can be configured with a time-out value (globally or per Favorite)
  • Visual display when content on web site has been updated!
Version 6 Improvements
  • Improved scanning and detection
  • Scans can be scheduled
  • Dead Favorites folder can store dead links for later analysis
  • Dead Favorites can synch with Internet Explorer
  • "Connection Detection" for more reliable Favorites checking
  • Windows System Tray integration