About Candlelight Software

Candlelight Software started in 1992 when Songanizer was released as a shareware product. Songanizer was a database designed to cross-reference a person's music collection. The power of Songanizer was the quick searching features -- a user could enter a title of a song, for example, and view every album, CD, or cassette that the song was on in his/her collection.

In 1994, Candlelight Software released Songanizer for Windows. Songanizer for Windows was more than just a port of the DOS version of Songanizer... while the main features and functionality remained, Songanizer for Windows took full advantage of the Windows 3.11 environment to give the user such features as multiple printer support, a report designer, and more.

The Departure From Shareware

Songanizer and Songanizer for Windows were making the rounds on BBSs, CompuServe, and other big on-line services, and gathered the attention of a few people...

In 1995, Candlelight Software was asked by a local radio station to enhance Songanizer to handle the high number of songs and albums that the station played, and to provide a multi-user database environment. Towards the end of the year, Songanizer Professional was privately released.

Also about this time, Candlelight Software entered in several cooperative arrangements to provide client based applications to the then growing client-server based BBS environment from Galacticomm, called Worldgroup. Spanning several years starting in 1996, Candlelight Software provided client-rich front-end applications for this platform to several software vendors under a contracted arrangement.

Coming Back To The People - Where We Are Today

Today, Candlelight Software still provides software and web solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. We also provide hardware support and maintenance to our clients.

Over the years, we have written lots of code. We are currently in the process of packaging this code into useful programs for people and businesses, and in the coming months, we will be releasing more software titles.

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane!